Saturday, April 5

by Everett Gourley

Serving the Navy during World War II on a minesweeper as my way of fighting for world peace, I felt peace each time we swept for mines and our ship survived.

I felt peace going to Brazil as a married missionary after originally planning to go single. My faith gave me peace after my wife died following the birth of our second son.

Returning to the States and living with my parents gave me peace knowing the three of us were being well cared for.

My parents felt peace when I remarried, moved out and established a home with my new wife and our 18-month-old and two-year-old sons.

Peace was felt when my wife survived the birth of our third son.

A great sense of peace was achieved when all three sons finished college and grad school.

Our children felt peace when we moved to Sharon Towers knowing that we would be cared for if we became unable to live independently.

Peace is found in studying scripture.

Peace in war goes at a great price.

The peace of Christ cost Christ his life by giving us ours as we follow and serve God.
Peace is elusive, but we should never stop seeking to achieve it.

Spending quiet time alone with God brings me peace.

Lift in prayer today

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