Family Lenten Pledge

Family name: ______________________________________________________

Each week we will participate as a family
in practicing the Lenten spiritual disciplines

_____Week 1 (March 9-15): Presence
We pledge to have dinner around the table as a family

_____ Week 2 (March 16-22): Sabbath
We pledge to spend time doing a shared family experience:
bowling, worship, game night

_____ Week 3 (March 23-29): Centering Prayer
We pledge to pray for each other by drawing names
of our family members

_____ Week 4: (March 30 - April 5): Gratitude
We pledge to write a thank you note to a family member this week

_____ Week 5 (April 6-12): Forgiveness
We pledge to practice saying “I’m sorry” this week

_____ Week 6 (April 13-20): Holy Week
We pledge to read the Bible story about the
resurrection of Jesus (Mark 16:1-8)