Monday, March 17

by Susan Lawson
"Continuing to Seek Peace"

Recently my small group began a discussion about finding stillness and peace. As we went around the table, it was clear that all of us struggle to find everyday moments of peace and stillness. A few of the ways some of us were able to find peace were through a tough yoga class or a workout that drained us to the point of shutting our minds off. If we were awake, we were “on.”

At the end of our time, we talked about practices or ways to find stillness and peace to listen for God. So, that evening I came home, downloaded a meditation app on my iPhone (an irony not lost on me) and set out on my first ten minutes of meditation. Within three minutes I was checking the clock.

The next evening, it was five minutes before I checked.

And by my fourth attempt, I made it through ten minutes without opening my eyes.

While this is still new and I can barely call it a habit or practice, I have to say when I am settling in for the evening, I have begun to look forward to this ten-minute time out.

I don’t know that I have entirely found peace through these meditations, but during this Lenten season, I am hopeful that with some dedication to the practice, peace will find me. Further, I hope the experience will deepen my relationship with God as I take intentional time to listen for him.

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