Sunday, March 16

by Petra Wahnefried
Focus for the Week: Sabbath

In general, Sabbath has become known as an out-of-date idea or a day to be lazy.  But God created the Sabbath to be so much more than this!  Sabbath is a way by which we can recognize God in our world and live more joyfully because of that.

Sabbath originated when God finished creation and took an entire day to revel in the beauty of the earth. Then, God invited us to do the same so that we might enjoy creation and live purpose-filled lives.  But what exactly does it mean to take Sabbath?  To state it simply, Sabbath is taking time out of the week to enjoy what God has created and to recognize that you are part of that creation. 
You can practice Sabbath in a variety of ways.  Some ideas are to do your favorite hobby and recognize it as a gift from God, enjoy time with friends and see God in them, take time away from your calendar, email and phone so that you aren’t pulled into thinking constantly of work, or spend time in solitude.  There are many ways to recognize where God is in our world, and you can be creative with how you might do that best.
Whatever you decide to do, your intent should be to recognize that you are more than what you do in your job, at school, or in your life.  Whatever you do on Sabbath should help you proclaim that you are first and foremost a child of God.  If you spend time each week recognizing this, you will find the true purpose of Sabbath and your life will be filled with much more joy as you realize God’s presence in the world and the gift of creation.

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